I myself will take a sprig from the lofty top of the cedar… On the mountain height of Israel I will transplant it, and it will produce boughs and bear fruit and become a noble cedar.¬†Ezekiel 17:22-24


At the corner of S. Limestone Street and Jefferies Street is a deodar cedar that reminds us that we should be growing in our faith throughout our lives. This kind of cedar is a Himalayan native, but it thrives here in the upstate, too. No doubt it was a tiny sapling once, but with faithful nurturing, it has become a mature tree. That’s what we want for Limestone’s members and friends, young and old.

Ten Questions

Each week a one-page sheet called “Ten Questions About…” is developed for that week’s sermon text. The pages are designed to help you prepare for worship each week or to review afterward. Texts are indexed by scripture order.

100 People, 100 Stories

In January 2023, the promise was that over the following year, the congregation would be introduced to at least 100 people of faith. The ongoing list of those people is linked here. Look up these people, their lives, and their faith and see how it inspires your life.